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Drug Screening

OralTox vs. Oratect: Oral Drug Test Comparison

OralTox vs. Oratect: Oral Drug Test Comparison - CliaSupply

Premier Biotech's OralTox® and Alere's Oratect® are both rapid oral fluid drug test that are less invasive than other methods. They deliver fast, accurate results anytime and anywhere.

These two tests, while similar in nature, possess some discrepancies in areas such as accuracy, reliability, result turnaround, customizability, ease of use, and reputability. These disparities will be explored throughout this article in order to determine the superior oral drug test that is best equipped to serve your drug-screening needs.


In terms of accuracy, OralTox testing is 100% observed, alleviating concerns such as adulteration that are common with urine testing. By contrast, Oratect's philosophy of independent testing has resulted in instances of false negative results when the test subject smokes or consumes food or beverage within 10 minutes before testing. Similarly, certain interfering drugs (other than those being evaluated) have been observed to cause an erroneous positive result on the Oratect test. OralTox has maintained a more reliable track record. After recently partnering with one of the country's largest retailers for a rapid oral fluid test pilot, Premier Biotech was able to produce a case study reflecting the OralTox pilot results. Out of 10,000 OralTox devices distributed, 95% came back negative, allowing those candidates the ability to accept job offers the same day.


In terms of reliability, OralTox contains several more features than Oratect that improve the reliability that employers count on. These features include:

  • a built-in gravity feed for reliable oral fluid distribution,
  • built-in saturation indicators ensure ample oral fluid has been collected - preventing wasted devices and eliminating the guess work in the collection process
  • a unique QR (Quick response code) that ties each device to the corresponding donor, and finally
  • a twist down lid that tightens into place to ensure the integrity of the specimen.

Features such as these are simply not present on the Oratect product, evidencing the ongoing commitment that Premier Biotech invests in the design, development and commercialization of near-donor solutions for the toxicology market.

Turnaround Time

One of the most vital features of any drug test is the result turnaround time. An extremely rapid test provides employers the capability to hire candidates the same day and avoid the delays and costs that are inherently associated with offsite collection or lab-based drug testing services.

While both OralTox and Oratect classify as rapid oral fluid tests, OralTox allows for immediate action through a user-friendly test procedure and results can typically be read after 2 minutes, while the result of an Oratect test can be read after 5 minutes.


Another valuable factor to consider before deciding the test of best fit is the customizability that each offer. A customizable test that can be tailored to employer needs allows employers to choose the specific drug being evaluated. OralTox offers customizable testing panels that can scale to simultaneously detect up to 12 drugs, while Oratect is only capable of screening up to 6 illicit and prescription drugs. Only two test strip configurations are available, with 3 drugs per strip.

Ease of Use

Every employer wants an accurate drug test without the hassle of coordinating a specific time, location, etc. OralTox has delivered by offering direct observation during collection, which allows testing to be administered anytime and anywhere, drastically reducing tampering concerns, staffing allocation requirements, and eliminating the need for controlled/private restrooms. The eliminated need for controlled collection sites and same sex collectors makes administration of drug screening much less complex and exclusive. The OralTox testing device can also be sent to the laboratory for confirmation testing without the need to collect an additional sample. By contrast, Oratect's less-advanced test provides only preliminary drug test results. If a quantitative result or confirmation of a presumptive positive result is desired, an entirely different, more specific testing method must be used, and collection of a second sample is necessary.


The final factor to consider before choosing a drug test is the reputability of the product and the company. OralTox boasts 510(k) clearance for in vitro diagnostic use including point-of-care sites for the following 8 drugs: Amphetamine, Cocaine, Marijuana, Methadone, Methamphetamine, Opiates, Oxycodone and Phencyclidine.

OralTox is the only FDA-cleared, rapid oral fluid drug test to include an assay for Oxycodone and is capable of being sent to a lab for confirmation. Premier Biotech Inc. is a leading provider of rapid drug testing devices, and the lab holds both CAP (College of American Pathologists) Forensic accreditation and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certification, commending the highest level of quality control standards and rigorous protocol adherence, including complete chain of custody and frequent inspections.

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